Polysafe drinkware – Helping you comply with licensing laws

Polysafe Drinkware - Premium quality polycarbonate - Strong, Durable & Guaranteed not to crack.

With reforms to liquor licensing laws over the past few years, many venues are subject to special trading rules in regards to the use of glassware. As such, many venues are seeking non-glass alternatives. In addition to helping with regulatory compliance, Polysafe drinkware offers many benefits over single-use disposable cups.

Benefits of Polysafe drinkware

Polysafe Drinkware is made from the highest quality, food-grade polycarbonate. It incorporates the latest technology to strengthen the internal structure of each glass and prevent cracking. Polysafe drinkware offers six key benefits:

  • Virtually unbreakable.
  • Safer than glass.
  • A guarantee against cracking.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Looks and feels like glass.
  • Re-usable for longer – Up to four times more useful life than other polycarbonate glassware.
  • Polysafe is the only polycarbonate glassware that won’t go cloudy when washed with chlorine-based products.

In terms of business operations, Polysafe can help reduce risks and costs.

Reducing risks and costs

As a premium quality product, Polysafe can help venues mitigate risks and reduce costs.

  • Reduce the safety risks associated with glass breakage.
  • Minimise the costs of replacing broken or damaged glassware.
  • Comply with licensing laws.

To provide customers with more choice, we have extended our range of Polysafe drinkware.

New Polysafe products

We have added the following products to our Polysafe range:

As with any glassware, it is important for customers to know how to clean Polysafe drinkware to avoid cloudiness and damage.

Cleaning tips

To maximise the useful life of Polysafe drinkware, it should be hand washed or machine washed using Polyclean. When hand washing, a soft sponge should be used and repetitive twisting/scrubbing should be avoided. Heavy stains or cloudiness can be removed by soaking drinkware in Revive destainer powder. To prevent scratching (and glasses turning cloudy), avoid using scourers, abrasive cleaning cloths, and glass scrubbers.

Polysafe is the only polycarbonate drinkware that won’t go cloudy when washed with products containing chlorine.

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Members of our team have been working in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. If you have any questions about Polysafe drinkware, please let us know. We can help you choose the right glass to suit your needs.

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