St Patrick’s Day 17/3 – Pints of Interest

st patricks day hospitality supplies

Who Doesn’t Love A History Lesson Did you know that until the 17th century St Patrick’s Day was a catholic feast day, one for prayer and quiet reflection. In the 19th century Irish ex pats in America started using the date as a celebration of their homeland and it evolved into the raucous celebration we […]

Why Matting Matters

Hospitality Matting Solutions Mats, arguably the least sexy part of the hospitality industry and nobody’s favourite part of cleaning the bar. As much as hospitality doesn’t like mats, mats don’t like hospitality, many compounds around the bar environment eat away at cheap rubber mats, meaning that it is worth the splash of the cash to […]

Kraft Napkins – Make the Switch

kraft white gt redi fold dinner napkin quilted

Everyone wants to be more environmentally conscious, with a  general push towards sustainability there is definitely pressure on businesses to appear more eco friendly. One easy way for your business to be seen to be making an effort is to switch from white paper to kraft. The brown paper gives that environmentally friendly look without […]

Introducing the Fruit Fly Ninja

Fruit Fly Ninja Johnson Hospitality

Do you have a fruit fly problem? Well we have a fruit fly solution. Gone are the days of expensive, ineffective, toxic  sprays covering your food and drink preparation areas as your primary weapon in the war on fruit flies. Introducing the Fruit Fly Ninja. Noninvasive, low maintenance, highly effective – it is the stuff of […]

7 Ways to Prepare Your Venue for Melbourne Cup

  Within the hospitality industry, there are single days that we must prepare for as there are vast increases in customers pouring into our venues. These days such as ANZAC day, New years and Australia day all have one thing in common… they fall on public holidays. Whilst in Victoria Melbourne cup day is considered […]

NEW RANGE – Gusta Celebrate the day

GUSTA  Out Of The Blue “Mix and find your match” The different materials of porcelain and earthenware give a stunning effect in a mix and match setting. The dark and natural appearance gives an extra boost to the blues. Ready, set, enjoy! A stylishly set table, attractive candles, good food, and endless dining. Enjoyment with a capital ‘E’. […]

Solve that swarming pest problem once and for all!

Rid cockroaches and other pests from your kitchen or dumpster area at NO EXTRA COST!   The Mint-X repel rats, mice and cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, ibis and other pests significantly improving overall pest control in commercial kitchens and garbage areas. The Mint-X pleasant mint and eucalyptus smell keeps pests away from these areas and forces them to go […]