NEW PRODUCT ALERT – Docket Roll Paper

receipt paper till roll docket roll point of sale

You asked, we listened. Because that’s how we roll, docket roll. Johnson Hospitality is now proud to announce we are carrying till paper Printer Receipt 2ply Rolls 76x76mm Printer Receipt Bond Rolls 76x76mm Printer Receipt Thermal Rolls 57x35mm Printer Receipt Thermal Rolls 80mm x 80mm If you use other makes or sizes just let us […]

The best way to clean a flat top griddle – Scotch-Brite

The safe and clean way to clean a flat top griddle

Is the shine on your flat top griddle paid for with scorched fingers, sweat and tears? Well the best way to clean a flat top griddle is with Scotch-Brite products from 3M. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious, messy and dangerous chore. The Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle System For over 60 years, Scotch-Brite has […]

Cleaning up With Johnson Hospitality: Scourer of Power

scourer 3m scotch brite

Scourer of Power Ever had to cower in the shower for like an hour because you used the wrong scourer and the regret leaves you sour? Fear not, You can’t reinvent the wheel, you can however reinvent the scouring pad. 3M bringing the goods that makes your current kit feel like walkmans when ipod touches […]

Winter Warmers Series Part 1 – I Can Be Your Soup-er  Man


  The seasons they are a changing. The days are shorter, the winds are colder and the desire to be outside is decreasing exponentially. As the weather changes, so too do our menues change. Light summery fare is replaced by something hearty enough to lure punters out of their winter cocoons. Today we are looking […]

Unpacking Environmentally Friendly Packaging Part 3: How To Be A Good Sort

waste management

Don’t Get Wasted. Get Sorted The hospitality industry, more so than most, is one where busy trading and lots of waste goes hand in hand. From single use coffee cups and food containers, to paper napkins and hand towels, every aspect of every procedure in hospitality seems to make the bins fuller. Here at Johnson Hospitality […]

Unpacking Environmentally Friendly Packaging – Episode 2 Bagasse

bagasse sugar cane green enviro compost renewable

Environmentally Friendly Bagasse – Seperating Pulp Fact From Pulp Fiction What is bagasse? Bagasse is the by product from harvesting sugar cane. After the juice is extracted from the sugar cane plants the fibrous remainder is what is known as bagasse. For every 10 tonnes of sugarcane produced, 3 tonnes of bagasse is produced. Sugarcane […]

Unpacking Enviromentally Friendly Packaging – Episode 1 PLA vs Traditional Plastics.

plastic pla enviromental series

Environmental conservation is arguably the single greatest challenge facing humanity today. With concerning inactivity from governments the responsibility falls upon us as individuals and consumers to make environmentally responsible decisions. There is a lot of of jargon being thrown out by both eco warriors and savvy operators alike. Everyone wants to do their bit but […]

Getting Hand Towelled Up – The Johnson Hospitality Way

hand towel paper interleave dispenser metal plastic centrefeed

Get ready for a crash course on the most exciting part of the hand washing experience, the hand towel. First things first, there are 3 kinds Interleave – The ones that come in the rectangular packets and are tucked into each other so that when one is pulled out it pulls the next one to […]

The Value of a Good Shelving

mantova shelving

Face it, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Without proper care the store room can quickly become cluttered and unruly. It becomes very inefficient, generally unpleasant and very unhygienic. The best way to keep your store room healthy and welcoming is a good sturdy shelving, and when it comes to shelving only […]