Real Talk – Bag Talk

plastic bag paper carry bag

Paper Carry Bags – A Better Option On the back of the news last week that Victorian premier Daniel Andrews is banning the single use plastic bag, we feel it’s a good opportunity to talk about the decline of the plastic bag and the rise of the paper bag in the take away hospitality industry. […]

Johnson’s Kitchen Guide – Commercial pots and pans

Pots and Pans - The pros and cons of different metallic surfaces.

For food-based venues, selecting the right pots and pans can mean years of use or regular and costly replacement. In this guide, we explain the pros and cons of the various metals used for commercial pots and pans. Which Commercial Cookware is best? There are a few key factors that need to be considered when […]

Numbers on The Board – Weights and Measures Relating To Alcohol Sale

weights measures standard drink

The hospitality industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the New South Wales. For licensed venues, the fines and penalties associated with the service of alcohol can be crippling. It is therefore crucial that the correct quantity and responsible service of alcohol is adhered to. This article covers the basics around weights […]

Johnson Hospitality’s Guide To Cleaning Chemicals – Floor Cleaners

johnson hospitality floor cleaner chemicals degreaser

Floor Cleaners It’s a messy game we’re in. Accidents happen, milk gets spilt. It’s not worth crying over. Unlike the global mass extinction of bees. But I digress. We can’t do much about the bees, we can however clean whatever comes across our floors. Just as you know that you don’t clean your hair with […]

Orderboom – Streamline your Ordering process

Orderboom is the App you need to save you time & money with Ordering

If you want to save time and take the hassle out of the ordering process, then Orderboom may be for you. This is an overview of what Orderboom is and the benefits it provides to your business. What is Orderboom? Orderboom is an App designed to streamline and simplify the ordering process for those in […]

Johnson Hospitality’s Guide To Cleaning Chemicals – Glossary of Terms

chemistry chemical glossary dictionary

Big Word Alert It is impossible to talk about cleaning chemicals in any real detail without first explaining some commonly used terms around their ingredients and actions. Knowing how and why your cleaning chemicals are supposed to work is essential to making sure you use the right chemical for the right task. So if you […]

Johnson’s Guide To Cleaning Chemicals – Sanitisers In The Kitchen

Sanitisers – Is Clean Really Clean Enough? The world of cleaning can be a scary place. It’s understandable to be a bit confused. Cleaning products often have really big words on the label, and high school chemistry is boring as hell. So we at Johnson Hospitality are gonna keep it nice and simple. via GIPHY […]