Guide to Soup Kettles & Bain Marie

Soup kettle -v- Bain Marie - which is better?

The popularity of soups in wintertime means preparing large quantities of soup and keeping it piping hot for serving is essential. We consider some of the benefits and features of Soup Kettles and Bain Marie to help you choose the right option for your cafe, restaurant or food service outlet.

Why use a Soup Kettle or Bain Marie

The main reason to use a Soup Kettle or Bain Marie is the ability to maintain large quantities of hot prepared food at safe holding temperatures prior to serving.

Whether you use a Soup Kettle or Bain Marie, the temperature needs to be set high enough to ensure that the food remains at 60°C or hotter and avoids the temperature danger zone (between 5°C and 60°C). A Soup Kettle or Bain Marie is perfect for holding hot, prepared foods at safe temperatures. They are not suitable for bringing chilled or frozen foods up to the safe holding temperature.

Australian Food Safety Standards also require you to have a thermometer if you prepare, handle or sell potentially hazardous food.  This will enable you to check that safe temperatures are being maintained.

Difference between Soup Kettles and Bain Marie

The main difference between a Soup Kettle and a Bain Marie are as follows:

Soup Kettles v Bain Marie - The pros and cons
Soup Kettles v Bain Marie – The pros and cons

Factors to consider

Before making a decision on which type of food warmer to purchase, there are three key things to consider:

  • Use – How and when you will be using it.
  • Capacity – 10 litre Soup Kettle or a combination of various sized gastronorm pans side by side.
  • Heating control – Soup Kettles and Bain Marie have a stainless steel inner pot and a thermostat. When the inner pot has water in it and brought up to temperature, the food is heated evenly and is less likely to burn. Care needs to be taken so food is heated above the temperature danger zone.

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