How to get rid of fruit flies – Fruit Fly Ninja!

The Fruit Fly Ninja has quickly gained a reputation as the easiest and quickest way to eliminate fruit flies. Here are our top reasons for choosing the Fruit Fly Ninja.

Reasons to buy Fruit Fly Ninja

  1. Cost-effective – Cheaper than fruit fly exterminators and it’s cheaper than spending money on endless bottles of pesticides.
  2. Eternal vigilance – Many other pest control treatments are effective for a brief period of time, but quickly wear off or need to be reapplied. The Fruit Fly Ninja provides 24/7 protection against fruit flies protecting your beer lines, bar and food preparation areas.
  3. All Natural formula – Natural ingredients and is non-toxic to humans. This means your staff aren’t inhaling dangerous toxins.
  4. Easy to use – Simply remove the sticky label and stick the Fruit Fly Ninja on a wall or under a bench. Out of sight and discreet, but still effective in trapping fruit flies. The Fruit Fly Ninja just needs checking and replacing every few weeks.
  5. Prepare in advance – Fruit flies love heat and humidity. Get on the front foot in the lead up to a hot and humid summer and secure the Fruit Fly Ninjas before they appear.

How it works

Watch this video to see how the Fruit Fly Ninja works.


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This has to be the best product we’ve seen in eliminating fruit flies. It is small, compact, non-toxic, hygienic, easy to use, and effective. It is a must have for any Cafe, Restaurant, Bar or venue that has beer lines or serves or uses fruit in food and drink preparation.

Service starts here

Members of our team have been working in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. We can provide you with information on the Fruit Fly Ninja and why it is an excellent product for eliminating fruit flies.

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