Eco-friendly Tips for the Hospitality Industry

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Packaging

Chinese New Year and the Mardi Gras 2018 festival kick off on 16 February. With the popularity of both celebrations, any boost in trade can also mean an increase in waste generated. Now more than ever, the hospitality industry has more choice when it comes to eco-friendly food and takeaway packaging. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, here are some eco-friendly tips.

Eco-friendly Stemless Wine Cups

The Eco Friendly Stemless Wine Cup is made from plant based PLA and has a carbon footprint of up to 80% less than traditional oil based plastic cups. With a volume of 360ml and a pour guide at 200ml, these disposable cups are perfect for serving wine, cocktails, and various food items.

Beta Board Food Containers

Our Beta Board Food Containers are suitable for both hot and cold foods, and are grease resistant. Made from virgin brown Kraft paper, these containers are 100% recyclable. Available in a range of volumes and shapes, there is an option for everything on your takeaway menu.

Compostable Jumbo Burger Box

Made from sugar cane pulp, the 7 inch burger box is an eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam containers. Its larger 450ml capacity is perfect for jumbo burgers and chips, salads, and any hot, wet, or oily food.

Eco-friendly Straws

These eco-friendly Vegeware PLA Drinking Straws are made from plant-based PLA and are completely compostable and plastic free. Alternatively, our Paper straws are fully compostable and made from durable, food and drink safe paper material.

Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Knives and Forks (made from bamboo) are a great eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic cutlery. This range is extremely durable and has a natural, earthy appearance.

PLA Round Deli Container

For takeaway food that’s not hot, the PLA Round Deli Container is the perfect option. It’s strong, light weight, plastic free, safe, non-toxic, and fully compostable. The PLA Round Deli container is available in various sizes and comes with a matching lid.

Bamboo Burrito Bowl

Our Bamboo Burrito Bowl is actually made out of bagasse, a bi-product of sugar cane. They are strong and durable and fully compostable. We have a range of plates, bowls and lids in this range. They make a great serving option for many takeaway foods including salads, Asian dishes, pasta dishes, fruit, etc.

Brown Kraft Paper Carry Bags

We have a range of Brown Kraft Paper Carry Bags that are compostable and environmentally friendly. These carry bags are durable and come in a range of sizes giving you a practical alternative to your plastic bags.

Storage Solutions

We have a wide range of Storage solutions for ingredients and leftovers. Be more organised and reduce the amount of food waste going to landfill (and save money).

NSW EPA Bin Trim Program

As well as using eco-friendly takeaway packaging, there is a lot the hospitality industry can do to reduce its environmental impact. The NSW EPA Bin Trim program can help your business save money and reduce waste going to landfill. A win-win for everyone!

We’re here to help

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