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Paper straws are becoming a product in demand

With the world becoming more health conscious and environmentally aware, biodegradable products such as paper straws are becoming a product in demand. There are a few things you should consider when looking for paper straws. Are all the elements of these straws able to break down? Have the inks been food safe tested? At Johnson […]

Polysafe drinkware – Helping you comply with licensing laws

Polysafe Drinkware - Premium quality polycarbonate - Strong, Durable & Guaranteed not to crack.

With reforms to liquor licensing laws over the past few years, many venues are subject to special trading rules in regards to the use of glassware. As such, many venues are seeking non-glass alternatives. In addition to helping with regulatory compliance, Polysafe drinkware offers many benefits over single-use disposable cups. Benefits of Polysafe drinkware Polysafe […]

New Product – Tuf Clean Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner

Tuf Clean RTU Oven Cleaner - Penetrates & Dissolves stubborn baked-on grease, grime & food soils

We have recently added several Clean Plus Chemicals products to our range of Janitorial Chemicals range. This week we introduce the Tuf Clean Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner. It has some fabulous features and will help take the grind out of your post-service clean up . Why you should use Tuf Clean Heavy Duty […]

Duni napkins – Beautiful Strong & Absorbent

Quality napkins from Duni

The humble napkin is one of the most used disposable items in the hotel, restaurant, and cafe trade. For most situations a basic disposable napkin will do the job. However, if you want to introduce personality and offer quality, Duni napkins are the perfect option. A good first impression Creating a good first impression is […]

On Trend: Made In Japan Tableware

Made In Japan tableware - Modern & stylish plating

In this edition of On Trend we showcase Made In Japan tableware, a beautiful range of high quality ceramics sourced from the Gifu Prefecture in Japan. With stony surfaces and bold glazes, the Made In Japan range celebrates food and functionality, making it one of the hottest trends in the hospitality industry. If clothes make the person, […]

NEW PRODUCT ALERT – Docket Roll Paper

receipt paper till roll docket roll point of sale

You asked, we listened. Because that’s how we roll, docket roll. Johnson Hospitality is now proud to announce we are carrying till paper Printer Receipt 2ply Rolls 76x76mm Printer Receipt Bond Rolls 76x76mm Printer Receipt Thermal Rolls 57x35mm Printer Receipt Thermal Rolls 80mm x 80mm If you use other makes or sizes just let us […]

The best way to clean a flat top griddle – Scotch-Brite

The safe and clean way to clean a flat top griddle

Is the shine on your flat top griddle paid for with scorched fingers, sweat and tears? Well the best way to clean a flat top griddle is with Scotch-Brite products from 3M. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious, messy and dangerous chore. The Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle System For over 60 years, Scotch-Brite has […]

Kraft Napkins – Make the Switch

kraft white gt redi fold dinner napkin quilted

Everyone wants to be more environmentally conscious, with a  general push towards sustainability there is definitely pressure on businesses to appear more eco friendly. One easy way for your business to be seen to be making an effort is to switch from white paper to kraft. The brown paper gives that environmentally friendly look without […]

Introducing the Fruit Fly Ninja

Fruit Fly Ninja Johnson Hospitality

Do you have a fruit fly problem? Well we have a fruit fly solution. Gone are the days of expensive, ineffective, toxic  sprays covering your food and drink preparation areas as your primary weapon in the war on fruit flies. Introducing the Fruit Fly Ninja. Noninvasive, low maintenance, highly effective – it is the stuff of […]

NEW RANGE – Gusta Celebrate the day

GUSTA  Out Of The Blue “Mix and find your match” The different materials of porcelain and earthenware give a stunning effect in a mix and match setting. The dark and natural appearance gives an extra boost to the blues. Ready, set, enjoy! A stylishly set table, attractive candles, good food, and endless dining. Enjoyment with a capital ‘E’. […]