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New Product – Tuf Clean Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner

Tuf Clean RTU Oven Cleaner - Penetrates & Dissolves stubborn baked-on grease, grime & food soils

We have recently added several Clean Plus Chemicals products to our range of Janitorial Chemicals range. This week we introduce the Tuf Clean Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner. It has some fabulous features and will help take the grind out of your post-service clean up . Why you should use Tuf Clean Heavy Duty […]

How to Clean Beer Lines for that Perfect Beer

Clean Beer Lines and the perfect draft beer

There’s a lot more to pouring a draught beer and getting that perfect foamy top than a 45 degree tilt and a constant pour. The secret is having clean beer lines! Here are some tips on how to provide the perfect beer to your customers. Components of Clean Beer Lines Major breweries recommend four components […]

Johnson Hospitality’s Guide To Cleaning Chemicals – Floor Cleaners

johnson hospitality floor cleaner chemicals degreaser

Floor Cleaners It’s a messy game we’re in. Accidents happen, milk gets spilt. It’s not worth crying over. Unlike the global mass extinction of bees. But I digress. We can’t do much about the bees, we can however clean whatever comes across our floors. Just as you know that you don’t clean your hair with […]

Johnson Hospitality’s Guide To Cleaning Chemicals – Glossary of Terms

chemistry chemical glossary dictionary

Big Word Alert It is impossible to talk about cleaning chemicals in any real detail without first explaining some commonly used terms around their ingredients and actions. Knowing how and why your cleaning chemicals are supposed to work is essential to making sure you use the right chemical for the right task. So if you […]

Johnson’s Guide To Cleaning Chemicals – Sanitisers In The Kitchen

Sanitisers – Is Clean Really Clean Enough? The world of cleaning can be a scary place. It’s understandable to be a bit confused. Cleaning products often have really big words on the label, and high school chemistry is boring as hell. So we at Johnson Hospitality are gonna keep it nice and simple. via GIPHY […]