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Paper straws are becoming a product in demand

With the world becoming more health conscious and environmentally aware, biodegradable products such as paper straws are becoming a product in demand. There are a few things you should consider when looking for paper straws. Are all the elements of these straws able to break down? Have the inks been food safe tested? At Johnson […]

Polysafe drinkware – Helping you comply with licensing laws

Polysafe Drinkware - Premium quality polycarbonate - Strong, Durable & Guaranteed not to crack.

With reforms to liquor licensing laws over the past few years, many venues are subject to special trading rules in regards to the use of glassware. As such, many venues are seeking non-glass alternatives. In addition to helping with regulatory compliance, Polysafe drinkware offers many benefits over single-use disposable cups. Benefits of Polysafe drinkware Polysafe […]

New Product – Tuf Clean Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner

Tuf Clean RTU Oven Cleaner - Penetrates & Dissolves stubborn baked-on grease, grime & food soils

We have recently added several Clean Plus Chemicals products to our range of Janitorial Chemicals range. This week we introduce the Tuf Clean Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner. It has some fabulous features and will help take the grind out of your post-service clean up . Why you should use Tuf Clean Heavy Duty […]

Buying Guide – Professional Blenders

Professional Blenders - Buying Guide

The two things professional blenders offer are power and durability. However, it’s important to choose the right blender for its intended use. This Buying Guide will highlight the differences between domestic and professional blenders, and provide an overview of the types of professional blenders and the benefits of each. Difference between professional and domestic blenders […]

Guide to Soup Kettles & Bain Marie

Soup kettle -v- Bain Marie - which is better?

The popularity of soups in wintertime means preparing large quantities of soup and keeping it piping hot for serving is essential. We consider some of the benefits and features of Soup Kettles and Bain Marie to help you choose the right option for your cafe, restaurant or food service outlet. Why use a Soup Kettle […]

Commercial kitchen terminology 101

Kitchen terminology explained.

For any food-based business, the communications between staff from kitchen to table should be seamless. One area where newcomers may come unstuck is commercial kitchen terminology. So we’ve created a list of terms you might hear in and around a commercial kitchen and explain what they mean in layman’s terms. Background to commercial kitchen terminology […]

Essential Guide – Opening a new Cafe, Restaurant or Bar

Essential Guide - Opening a new Cafe, Restaurant or Bar - Free Tips to help you succeed.

The number of new venues opening in Australia continues to rise. To assist owners with their due diligence, we’ve developed an Essential Guide on opening a new cafe, restaurant or bar. This starts with finding the perfect location. Finding the perfect location Finding the perfect location for a new cafe, restaurant, or bar can be fraught […]

New Cafe, Restaurant or Bar – Venue setup checklist

New Cafe, Restaurant or Bar - Venue setup checklist

Once you have secured your perfect location and have the necessary permits to operate your new business, the next step is the venue setup. This is a checklist for anyone opening a new cafe, restaurant or bar. We’re assuming you have already developed a comprehensive Business Plan and have settled on your ideal floor plan. […]

Guide to the perfect Whisky Glass

It’s World Whisky Day on 19 May 2018 and to help you get the most out of your whisky, we thought we’d put together a Guide to the Perfect Whisky Glass. Importance of the right Whisky Glass Whisky glasses are designed to enhance the aroma, taste, and overall enjoyment of whisky. The size, shape and […]