In 2003, with a combined 24 Years working within the hospitality supplies market, Keith Johnson and wife Kathy Ferguson sought to expand their influence on the market and began the company Johnson Hospitality together. A family driven company starting in humble beginnings with home offices soon developed in to what it is today – one of the largest privately owned hospitality supplies companies in Australia.

The company quickly succeeded through a simple, yet very effective client centered approach to business. This approach gave customers frequent access to reliable industry knowledge leading to superior service. Our extensive product base is sourced from leading suppliers within their field, expanding across all aspects of Bar, Dining, Kitchen and Cleaning.

Our experienced team understands that items like cutlery and crockery are handled thousands of times, that there is a need to focus on durable items at affordable prices to suit all levels of business and, similarly, prices for single use items like toilet paper need to be competitive. This is the cornerstone of Johnson Hospitality. With over 15,000 items under the company’s banner, we believe that we can find the item most suitable to maintain and grow your business.

Based in Sydney and shipping Australia wide, our ever growing team looks forward to working together with you to develop your business, and become part of the family at Johnson hospitality.